Merlot, Zinfandel & Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Do you want to make a nice evening extra special? We suggest you share a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with someone you love. This fabulous wine is a meal in itself and is best served near a fireplace by candlelight. Check out our inventory or contact one of our representatives to see where you can purchase this delicious wine.

French Oak Barrel Aged

Our French Oak Barrel Aged Merlot, Zinfandel and Cabernet wines are a delicate combination between mouthfeel and flavor. It’s among our most popular wines and is currently available in limited quantities at a special rate. Check out what’s in stock to see how many more bottles are available or contact one of our representatives if you’re interested in taking one home. We are happy to serve you.

Port - Chilean

This boutique wine is only produced in a small batch, and makes for a superb choice on special occasions. Limited quantities of our Bourbon Wine.  Reach out to speak to one of our experts and see what type of wine best suits your palette.

Carmenere - California

A deep crimson color, medium body wine imparts a cherry-like, fruity flavor and aromas found in juicy red fruites.

Carmenere is available in sweet and dry. 

We perfect our sweet wines adding No Sugar, the grape adds the sweetness - just as nature intended.

Bourbon Wine - Chilean

Red wine is aged in Bourbon barrels imparting flavors of vanilla and clove.  Combined with the hearty caramel and coffee flavors of fine bourbon this wine imparts distinct layers of complexity.

Blanc Des Chateau - Chilean

White Wine.  Lustrous reflections exuding apple, peaches, orange peel and flower aromas distinguish this smooth and refreshingwine. 

Savvignon Blanc - Chilean

White Wine.  Lime green apples, passion fruit, gooseberry and flowery peach.  A delicious wine, delightful and tasteful.  

We perfect our sweet wines adding No Sugar!

French Oak Aged Savvignon  - Chilean

Aged for one-year in French oak barrells.  Gold in color with elegant tannins.  A deep seductive wine, with a lingering finish.


Red Intensity

Any red wine of your choice with a shot of Port.  An exciting match!

Trashe ' Rose 

Any white wine of your choice paired with a shot of Port.  Fruity and refreshing!

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