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Sediment in Wine. It must be bad?

Have you ever picked up a bottle of wine and noticed sediment (commonly referred by wine makers as ‘must’) at the bottom of the bottle and while closely peering inside rocked the bottle and the wine becomes cloudy? You might promptly place it back on the shelf because it must be bad, right? I understand, many consumers are put-off by this – but wait, sediment isn’t bad!

What is sediment?

Sediment is wine that hasn’t been fined and filtered: a common practice many years ago but is widely returning today. Fining and filter wine to avoid sediment isn’t bad for your wine. But you might ask, what are we removing from wine when we remove the sediment? Well, many wine makers feel the wine is being stripped of quality and taste. So, before you place that bottle of wine back on the shelf give it a try, just leave the bottle undisturbed so the particles can settle and then serve your wine, leaving the particles in the bottom. Enjoy!

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